Occult Antifascist Art

A art series combining classic/occult Black Metal aesthetics with a political message.

In times of society being divided by blunt propaganda embracing unjustified fear and the far-right gaining traction because of it, a clear message against discrimination and inequality has to be made, especially in combination with a music genre that always claimed to be rebellious and against oppression.

Always Antifascist. Always Anti-NSBM.

.: The seven headed Flame of Resistance :.

.: Behead the venomous Snake of Fascism :.

.: Stand above the lamenting of those who live in the past :.

The pride version of this illustration.

.: Antifaschist, Tod und Teufel :.

A homage to one of my favorite artists Albrecht Dürer and a reinterpretation of one if his famous engravings 'Ritter, Tod und Teufel'.

.: The Rise of Resistance :.